Andrea Hamilton

Award winning artist Andrea Hamilton uses the camera as a tool for enquiry into the nature of our existence. Her contemplative and timeless images invite us to probe beneath the surface of things, and reflect on universal constants like time, the seasons, and our own mortality. Andrea’s practice is studied and systematic: her repetitive documentation of subjects, in particular the sea, leads to the development of series that interact like families of tones or motifs. Repeatedly, she returns to the sea as image source, and has developed three distinct lines of enquiry: the wave, the surface and the horizon.

Andrea’s solo exhibition with Delahunty Gallery Water Works, and monograph AH2O, focused on the nature of the wave: each one individual and yet all belonging to one body of water. Her series Luminous Landscapes celebrates the mutable, adaptable surface of water, sculpted by the elements. In the series Line to Plane a central horizon becomes the focus: it is an image that invites us into the moment. Loved by artists like Turner, Richter, Rothko and Gursky, the horizon line brings us face to face with the limits of self understanding. We cannot see past it and so we must transcend it.

Underpinning all three series is a spectacular body of work that counts more than 16,000 photographic images. The Color of Time is taken over 25 years from the same vantage point looking out to sea. Andrea is documenting the Kelvin scale: how light changes color according to temperature. Each image celebrates the unique resonance of light in a single moment. The accumulative effect of observing this chromatic variation takes us beyond time, perhaps even to the beginning of time.


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