Deborah Tarr

Deborah Tarr is one of the most accomplished abstract painters living in Britain today. Her paintings and assemblages are thoughtful, contemplative and quietly charged. Like private whisperings they captivate with intimacy: rich planes and crevices of color provoke a visceral response, connecting us to the mood in which they were made. Her monumental oil paintings such as Silver Rain, can take up to 14 months to resolve - coaxing and transforming the materials to her will. For the artist this represents an enquiry into the hierarchy of materials, one that references the Arte Povera movement in Italy in the late 1950s. Equally, they celebrate the triumph of resolution through composition. Her sophisticated handling of materials and nuanced balance of colors perfectly evokes the mood or sensation in which each work was conceived.

Many of Deborah’s paintings are figurative in aspect – their center like a living thing. Planes of color placed vertically are suggestive of growth, and horizontal lines draw the eye out towards an horizon. Her assemblages also follow this schematic – upright placement balanced by the occasional flat or tilted line – until they represent a whole. Some works call to mind the figure of the artist standing tall, and reaching up beyond her physical limitations. For Deborah, making things - the physical work of an artist - is how she maintains her own equilibrium. Like the abstract painter Agnes Martin “happiness is being on a beam with life.” For the past decade, Deborah has exhibited with Cadogan Contemporary, London, with annual sell out shows; throughout 2016 she has been represented at numerous art fairs by Art Bastion Gallery. 


Silver Rain, 2013
Silver Rain, 2013

Oil on Canvas 70" x 70"

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