Lauren Shapiro

Lauren Shapiro explores the fusion of repetitive geometric shapes composed of ceramic materials to sculpt images that are recognizable as the organic mechanics or systems of anthropomorphic structures. Shapiro’s sculptures are designed and assembled from building blocks fabricated in a unique process that originates with folded origami paper made into slip cast forms in molds.

Shapiro finds a meditative quality to observing fractal forms, noting that certain geometric shapes and colors have the power to reach deep into the unconscious and effect subtle changes in the mood of the observer. Rhythm and repetition can evoke a sense of peace in the human psyche, and with her original practice of paper folding she finds herself drawn to the concept of time. Measuring moments through repetitive actions such as folding origami and slip casting ceramics, the efforts put into each piece represent the time spent, aggregated into minutes, hours and days. Through the experience of observing this sculpture, Shapiro is evoking changes in mood by using the hypnotic rhythm of waves projected over the geometric forms as an optical interaction of time and space. Treating the tides as a metaphor for human emotions and ceramic as the human vessel, this work confronts the present moment and how we must acknowledge our feelings as changing from our own static bodies.


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