People on the Move

August 12 – September 25, 2016

The purpose of this event is to bring awareness and discussion of human rights and social justice issues to members of the community in Miami through art, as well as expand the role of the Art for Amnesty campaign and Amnesty International's local presence.  


The general theme for this event will focus on refugee and migrant rights as human rights, which can be interpreted in a number of ways, and can address various areas and aspects of the global refugee crisis (Syria, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Burundi, Rohingya in Burma and Malaysia etc., and others) as well as aspects of migrant and immigrant experiences (persecution, home country conditions, migration, detention, treatment, discrimination etc). Almost any media and style would be acceptable: painting, sculpture, mixed media, abstract and conceptual art, folk art, outsider art, photography, digital and video art, hyperrealism, etc. What's most important is that the work be inspired by or speak to the subject of human rights in some way. If you, or any of the artists you know would be interested in speaking about their work or experiences, we could provide an opportunity for that too. With the ongoing global refugee crisis, and extensive influence of immigrant populations in Miami, this theme would be relevant and accessible for many members of the community.

Thank you to our panelists, Lisa Konczal, Carlos Marin, Dr. Eric Lob, and Jessica Shulruff Schneider, Esq., and to Amnesty International for a successful event and discussion about migrant and refugee issues around the world. Art Bastion would like to extend a special thanks to Courtney Levine for putting together and coordinating this exhibition. 

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