Though aptly titled Vacationland, Jen Wink Hays’ first Miami exhibition actually references the tropical resort city’s polar opposite: Maine.

Jen Wink Hays gives us her Miami dreaming with the works in Vacationland, and brings a fresh and vivid perspective on this magical city.

Meet Jen Wink Hays, Minted + domino’s Featured Monthly Artist!

Festival of Light and Sound opens to the public tomorrow (Friday November 25) and amazing preview images show just what a stunning extravaganza awaits the public after dark at the home of the famous Biomes. The event has been devised by acclaimed light artist Chris Levine, who led Glastonbury’s laser tribute to David Bowie. He says that the Eden event is his biggest and most ambitious yet.

Art Bastion Gallery, Sacred Geometries, featuring: Chris Levine, Andrea Hamilton, Darya Warner, Jasper Galloway, Troy Simmons, Annabelle Soriano, Lauren Shapiro, and Dominique Gerolini.

Art Bastion Gallery at Art Aspen: Curating a booth for the most sacred of fairs.

Art Bastion in the Hamptons. Featuring the work of Andrea Hamilton, Edwina Sandys, Emma Levine, Nancy Cadogan and Deborah Tarr.

En su quinta versión, la Semana del Arte Contemporáneo de Antofagasta SACO5 (Chile, 2016) presenta en la muestra One way ticket un tema fundamental para nuestra actualidad, tanto internacional, como nacional y local: la emigración en tanto eje de reflexión cultural, desde un cruce entre la producción de siete artistas emigrantes de Europa, Latinoamérica y Estados Unidos.

La galerie Art Bastion de Wynwood présentera en exclusivité du 30  avril au 6 juin 2016 au, l’exposition collective de dessins et travaux sur papier (Un) Foreseen regroupant six artistes internationaux: Jérémy Gobé, Tatiana Wolska, Anabelle Soriano, Dannielle Tegeder, Suki Jobson, et Delphine Lebourgeois. Poésie, coups de crayon et couleurs aquarelles pour ce très beau rendez-vous artistique du printemps.

(Un) Foreseen: when the unexpected occurs.  Jérémy Gobé, Tatiana Wolska, Annabelle Soriano, Suki Jobson, Dannielle Tegeder, and Delphine Lebourgeois. April 28 – June 11. (Un)Foreseen marks the gallery’s first show to be devoted entirely to drawing and works on paper.

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