Troy Simmons

Artist Troy Simmons has immersed himself in exploring the evolution of urbanism and nature’s persistence to coexist. His massive, large-scale concrete canvases are a mix of aluminum, acrylic paints and raw concrete. Simmons work has been compared to the “Arte Povera genre” where the inclusion of simple, re-purposed material takes an integral part in the creation of the art. His pieces create a playful mix of hard and soft, revealing the hidden common ground between different entities and exposing the ideological perceptions of binary relationships.

“I tell my life story through concrete, color fields and organic abstract forms. They help express my thoughts and beliefs, serving as a narrator for my day to day experiences. Through my current work, I explore social behavior, depression, relationships, aging and prosperity.”

His piece “Muscari” is inspired by and named after a perennial flowering plant of the same name, also known as grape hyacinth, that produces clusters of bright blue blooms around a spike-like stalk. The seeping of bright blue acrylic through the foundational concrete of “CBU1” (an acronym for “color blue”) is a conceptual depiction of sea levels rising, intentionally employing the tones of the ocean. Here, Simmons is making a commentary on humans and nature interacting with each other, foreshadowing an outcome of abandonment with water taking over the structures of mankind. “Both are about nature taking over after man, as a result of global warming and neglect of environmental issues...its like you’re in an apocalyptic world where man is no longer there and the plant world takes over.”

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