April 30 – June 11, 2016

Art Bastion Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of drawings and other works on paper by six  international artists : Jérémy Gobé, Tatiana Wolska, Anabelle Soriano, Dannielle Tegeder, Suki Jobson, and Delphine Lebourgeois.


(Un)Foreseen marks the gallery's first exhibition devoted to drawing and works on paper. On exhibition are the works of some of the most talented international artists, who have exhibited in prestigious institutions such as the Palais de Tokyo (Paris), the Bass Museum (Miami), BWA Center for Contemporary Art (Poland), the Musée des Beaux-Arts (Lyon) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago).


This carefully curated exhibition explores what is both expected and unexpected in the artistic approach of each of these artists, in particular the potentially unforeseen consequences of their process. In this sense, drawing is representative of the accidental, the incidental and the inherited. 


(Un)Foreseen presents the idea of drawing as a vehicle to their perception of an object, an idea, a construction and more importantly, the understanding of the space. Perception is a game - everyone plays to their own very specific set of criteria. 


In his graphic studies, Jeremy Gobé’s drawings are a retrospective of his sculptures, highlighting particular details, as a way to understand the forms and the techniques he had used. Tatiana Wolska’s drawings interact with her sculptures to create a unique world filled with organic shapes, not only as an extension of her three-dimensional works but also as a continuous motion that appears automatically. Anabelle Soriano’s conceptual approach is architectural. Photographs, sculptures, drawings; all of her works address issues of space by construction and the ambivalence of architectural structures and mineral forms. Dannielle Tegeder’s technique centers around the composition of space both real and imagined: her drawings are a graphic representation of space both within the page and in the metaphysical realm. Suki Jobson’s works explore both the physical experience of her own body in space and her inherited muscle memory and mark making. Meanwhile, the unconventional pairings of imagery and visual aesthetic of Delphine Lebourgeois’ works describe the unforeseen. Together, the elements in her work act to balance the geometry of the whole composition creating surreal sets and sparking unpredictable narratives.


The exhibition offers visual imperatives for the viewer to dive into drawing, which as a medium still has an underestimated intensity. Drawing provides an intimate look into the artist’s creative process and mind. 

These works act as catalyst for the imagination, eliciting narratives that « draws » the viewer deeper into the drawing.


Alix Charoy


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